Duke Choi S2E01

In this episode of the Dream Podcast, we invited artist Duke Choi, whose video exhibit on the life of democracy activist Kim Sangdon is currently on display at KRC, to discuss the exhibit, memory and place, and tidbits of modern Korean history. Information about the Exhibit, running at KRC from May 25 to June 30th of 2017, is available at http://krcla.org/en/post/872

00:30 About the exhibit
03:14 Kim Sangon’s life
06:39 How the project started
25:39 The April revolution magazine
36:18 Memory and space
52:33 Showing protest locations on satellite imagery
1:00:16 Did Chun Doohwan ran away from the protests in the hotel scene?
1:10:56 What would you say was one aspect of Kim Sangdon’s life that would be most interesting to Korean progressives?
1:21:49 What’s next for you?

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